YOW! Conference 2014

YOW2014100By developers for developers.
YOW! brings international software experts to Australia as well as showcasing the best in local talent.

Melbourne December 4-5, 2014
Brisbane December 8-9, 2014
Sydney December 11-12, 2014


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Women in Tech Competition

The Women in Tech Competition is open as part of our efforts to encourage more gender diversity in speakers. Help us spread the word and refer the competition to the great women techs or innovators you know! 

Entries close 30 January, 2015

YOW! 2014 Workshops

YOW2014100International experts in Australia for YOW! 2014, will take you in-depth over one or two days.

Melbourne December 2-3, 2014
Sydney December 9-10, 2014

News & Events

CTO Summit

If you manage engineers, learn from and connect with your peers at CTO summit. At this full day, single track summit run by Peter Bell, learn how other companies successfully build and run their engineering teams. 

Melbourne December 3, 2014
Sydney December 10, 2014