YOW! Connected

YOWConnected100Our newest conference connecting Mobile and the Internet of Things.

Melbourne September 8-9, 2014

YOW! Conference 2014

YOW2014100By developers for developers.
YOW! brings international software experts to Australia as well as showcasing the best in local talent.

Melbourne December 4-5, 2014
Brisbane December 8-9, 2014
Sydney December 11-12, 2014


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YOW! DepthFirst Workshop - Gojko Adzic

SBEYOW! DepthFirst two day workshop by Gojko Adzic. “Specification by Example: From User Stories to Acceptance Tests” is aimed at developing skills to bridge the communication gap between stakeholders and teams and building quality into software from the start.

Sydney September 8-9, 2014

YOW! 2014 Workshops

YOW2014100International experts in Australia for YOW! 2014, will take you in-depth over one or two days.

Melbourne December 2-3, 2014
Brisbane December 10, 2014
Sydney December 9-10, 2014

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