Diversity Matters

At YOW!, we are committed to supporting diversity in speakers, conference participants, and the wider technology community regardless of race, employment status, religion, location, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, ability, and age.

To increase diversity at  YOW! events we are offering scholarships to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. This year we are offering scholarship for YOW! Data, YOW! Lambda Jam, YOW! Perth, the Business Agility Conference, YOW! Connected and YOW! 2018 Conference.

If you are a member of a group underrepresented within the tech community or at technical conferences in Australia we would encourage you to apply.

How to apply?

A limited number of scholarships are available. 2018 Nomination deadlines:

YOW! Data – Entries are now closed
YOW! Lambda Jam – Entries are now closed
YOW! Perth – Dates be announced soon
Business Agility Conference – 13 August – opening soon
YOW! Connected – Dates be announced soon
YOW! 2018 Conference –  Thursday 4 October – opening soon

We will be in touch with a decision within four weeks of the deadline.

How are recipients selected?

Any information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence, and used only to help award scholarships. Preference will be given to those who would otherwise be unable to attend YOW! events.
Scholarship recipients attend the event like other event attendees and will not be identified publicly as a diversity scholarship recipient.


  • Must be 18 years old or over to apply.
  • Must agree to follow our Code of Conduct.
  • Be a member of a group underrepresented within the tech community.
  • Must be able to attend the conference for which you are applying.
  • If employed, your employer will not cover the cost of your conference attendance.


  • Scholarships are only available to attend the relevant conference that you’ve applied for.
  • A limited number of scholarships are available.
  • These tickets cannot be sold and are non-transferable.
  • Applicants may not be awarded more than one scholarship per calendar year.
  • Scholarships only awarded for Australian conferences.
  • Available to Australian citizens and residents currently living in Australia.


When required YOW! Scholarships may include domestic flights return, 1 to 3 nights accommodation (depending of the length of the event) and a ticket to the conference.

Your organisation would like to become a Scholarship Sponsor? email us at sponsors@yowconference.com


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