Who Should Come to YOW?

YOW! events suit IT professionals at the top of their field who want to enhance their learning through listening to world class speakers and networking with their peers.  As an experienced mentor and developer, Dave Thomas, founder of YOW! Australia,  believes that everyone should be looking to learn from the best and challenge themselves to do more and do it better.

Top 7 Reasons Why YOU Should Want to Attend YOW!

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Get a new perspective on your work
The relaxed settings for all our events provides the opportunity for you to meet and talk with world-renowned speakers face-to-face about your specific development challenges. This is your opportunity to get to know world-class speakers on a personal level.

Enjoy unbiased and technically rich talks
Speakers presenting at the conference are chosen from a network of over 400 authors and experts by an independent, international Program committee based on their recognised expertise as thought leaders in their field. Speakers at our signature series in December present by ‘invitation only’. Each year the 40+ international and national experts and authors that give talks do so without vendor-hype or marketing spin. Because of our strong networks and setup we’re able to focus on providing good content, not appeasing suppliers.

Return to the office with renewed energy and inspiration
Being in a pro-active and innovative learning environment is a great way to get inspired about development challenges you maybe facing in your role. Take that enthusiasm back to the office and inspire those around you with all that you’ve learned.

Brainstorm with top Australian and international talent
YOW! Conferences typically attract developers that are serious about staying informed of the latest trends and using that knowledge to create innovative solutions. Take advantage of this melting pot of talent to discuss your own development difficulties and see what ideas you can glean to solve your challenges. The Conference provides a unique opportunity to make contacts, create strategic partnerships and network with other Australian software professionals.

5Expand your view on what’s possible & be inspired in unexpected ways
As the Conference covers a range of topics you will gain broad exposure to the latest tools and technologies, processes and practices in the software industry enabling you to make connections between what you’re currently working on and new adaptations. The feedback we’ve received in previous years is that attendees often learn more from those speakers they don’t know much about at the outset and by the end of the Conference have discovered many new thought leaders.space space space space space space space space space space space

6Fulfil your organisation’s commitment to learning
Change happens at lightening speed in many industries but this is particularly true of the IT industry. Staying ahead of these changes requires ongoing training for all developers and most organisations recognise that need through a commitment to ongoing learning and development.

7Fast track your knowledge
Many of our speakers are pioneers in new ways of communicating with stakeholders to achieve better project outcomes. Shortcut your discoveries by hearing their experiences about the best ways to use and implement different tools.