YOW! Women in Tech Competition 2017

In line with our ongoing commitment to increasing the diversity of YOW! Speakers, we will run, for the third year in a row, YOW! Women In Tech Competition in 2017. 

The aim of the competition is to actively encourage and assist more women to speak at Tech conferences.

The competition is typically being held toward the end of the calendar year; more information on the 2017 competition will become available in the coming months. 

We would like to thank all participants in the YOW! WIT Competition 2016.  The standard of proposals was very high.

The 2016 winners are:

  • Larene Le Gassick
  • Sonia Cuff

Congratulations to our two winners who will each be guaranteed a speaking spot at a YOW! event in 2017/2018.

The 2016 Finalists are:

  • Samantha Connelly
  • Jessica Edwards
  • Margaret Hanley
  • Kara Hatherly
  • Kate Linton
  • Julia Sanchez Simon
  • Michelle Zeng
  • Amy Zuoxiao Zhang
  • Sarah Bolt

Congratulations to our fantastic finalists, who have each received a ticket to a private one day Tech Speaker Training Workshop run by Damian Conway in Sydney.