Teaching Resources

The Gift of Coding for Newbies Hello Ruby books Co-founder of RailsGirls and childrens book author Linda Liukas keynoted at YOW! 2017 (watch online) and inspired the audience to imagine how the next generation will relate to technology. In her books Adventures in Coding and Journey Inside the Computer, a small girl with a huge […]

How to Plan Your YOW! Conference Schedule

by Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations In 2017, YOW! moved to using Confengine to manage speakers, talk submissions, and conference programs. Hopefully you’ll notice that the process of submitting a proposal is a little easier and more user friendly now! (Incidentally, we’re now looking for speakers for the CTO Summits in Melbourne and Sydney.) […]

On Speaking at YOW

Guest Post by Sam Ritchie, Software Wizard and Chief Codesplicer At last year’s YOW! Connected, I was introduced as a ‘YOW! Veteran’. That didn’t sound like me, but I counted up and realised I’ve now spoken at nine YOW!-flavoured conferences. With the upcoming YOW! West I thought I’d give some general experiences & advice to first […]

6 February Wrap Up

by Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations It’s been several weeks since my last report, and as you might expect – I’ve been busy! I spent the week from January 16-20 in Hobart, Tasmania for linux.conf.au. What a beautiful city for a conference! More than 500 Free and Open Source Software enthusiasts met up for […]

Volunteering with YOW!

By Hayden Warmington Thinking about being a volunteer at the next YOW! event, but are unsure what you’re in for? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been lucky enough to work with YOW! twice now and will definitely be back for more. In this post I’lll be talking mostly about my experience at YOW! […]

13 January Wrap Up

by Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations Welcome to 2017, everyone! The year started slowly with only a few meetups as everyone enjoyed the holidays, but thankfully things have started to ramp up again. The first meetup I attended in 2017 was Sydney Testers last week at the Tyro FinTechHub. The speaker was a special guest in […]

What to Expect at Your First YOW! Conference

by Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations Happy 2017, everyone! Since most of the meetup groups go on hiatus around the holidays, I haven’t had any fodder for a Meetup Wrap in a long time. On the upside it’s been very relaxing, and it’s given me the opportunity to reflect on the many YOW! events […]