How to Plan Your YOW! Conference Schedule

by Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations

In 2017, YOW! moved to using Confengine to manage speakers, talk submissions, and conference programs. Hopefully you’ll notice that the process of submitting a proposal is a little easier and more user friendly now! (Incidentally, we’re now looking for speakers for the CTO Summits in Melbourne and Sydney.)

Another advantage of the new system is that you can now filter and curate your own schedule of sessions from a conference’s program!

To filter the sessions, simply enter your search terms (such as topic keyword or speaker name) into the “Filter Sessions” box. A drop-down list of potential matches will appear for you to choose from, otherwise you can click on the search button to retrieve all matches.

To view the details for any session, click on the title to expand the information pane. You’ll see a list of all speakers along with the session time, the venue, and a brief description.

To save a session, click the “(+) My Schedule” button in the lower-left corner of the panel near the social media sharing icons.

Once you’ve added a session, the button will change to “(-) My Schedule“. You can click this button to remove the session if needed.

You can also view more details about the session by clicking the “View Details” button in the lower-right corner of the panel.

Once you’ve saved some sessions, the “My Schedule” label at the top of the Program will change to show the number saved. This label expands with a few different options.

Clicking “Show Sessions” will filter the Program to show only the sessions you’ve selected. The option will then change to “Show All Sessions” so you can switch back to the full Program view.

Clicking “Share” will open a pop-up with with a schedule link and option to share on social media. Anyone who goes to that link will see a filtered view of the Program will only your selected sessions.

Clicking “Export as iCal” will trigger a download within your browser of an *.ics iCalendar format file with your selected sessions. You can then import the schedule calendar to any calendar that supports iCal files.

I hope you enjoy these new features! Be sure to let us know if you have feedback or suggestions for improvements.

Programs are available right now for the upcoming YOW! Singapore (Sept 11-12), YOW! Data, (Sept 18-19) and YOW! Connected (Sept 21-22) conferences. We also have a range of upcoming YOW! Nights and DepthFirst Workshops.