What will I learn at YOW! ?

At a YOW! 2 Day Conference you’ll learn about the latest tech advances from international experts flown in specifically for the event and you’ll learn from your peers about what is happening in the local development community.

At a YOW! DepthFirst Workshop you’ll spend 1 or 2 days learning about the latest practices and advancements in a particular area of expertise.


Who Should Come to YOW! ?

YOW! Events suit developers at the top of their field who want to enhance their learning through listening to world class speakers and networking with their peers. As an experienced mentor and developer, Dave Thomas, the founder of YOW!, believes that everyone should be looking to learn from the best and challenge themselves to do more and do it better.

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Why is this event important for Australian developers?

Australia has great development talent. Given the distance of Australia from other parts of the world strong in software advancements, it isn’t surprising that Australian developers are some of the largest readers and bloggers per capita.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge in Australia is that while the developer community is very focused on staying up with the latest technological advancements and methodologies, their corporate leaders often lag 2 – 3 years behind. It isn’t as easy to find early adopters here as it is in the US. Similarly investment isn’t as easy to find. It is essential to sell internationally from the outset by leveraging the web and contacts gained at events like YOW!.

Over the 6 years we’ve been running YOW! Conferences in Australia we’ve found that the events lead to new hirings, new offices and investment in R&D in Australia.



What topics are covered in this year’s conference?

The topics and speakers for our signature December conference vary slightly for each city. The topics covered this year will include the latest in Mobile, Languages, Agile & Lean, Microservices, Architecture & Design, Functional Programming, Big Data & Analytics, Web & UX, DevOps, Performance & Security.  In the weeks preceding the conference the Speakers and topics for your preferred city will be available here:

Melbourne Speakers
Brisbane Speakers
Sydney Speakers


I’m only interested in hearing about my area of specialty, what’s in it for me?

With around 40 talks over 2 days, there will be at least 4 per day which are relevant to some aspect of your work. Attending a YOW! Conference is also a great way to broaden your areas of expertise as more companies now expect their senior people to understand multiple technologies and practices.

Every year we have people who say they are only going to talks on specific subjects and are then amazed to find out that they stepped out of their comfort zone and learned something they didn’t know about before coming to the conference.

Our events are also great for networking. The top developers and companies are looking for people to work with them on projects and you will be able to talk to speakers and developers from other companies about your specific interests. Top developers come to YOW! to network and stay sharp.


YOW! isn’t in my city, is it really worth attending?

We bring the best quality speakers from around the world to Australia. The YOW! experience and energy is not to be missed but don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials and see what others say about YOW!.



YOW! DepthFirst professional development Workshops provide a unique opportunity to spend one or two full days with international experts.

Many workshops leaders are only in Australia with YOW!. We run a series of workshops alongside our signature conferences in December but also hold different workshops throughout the year as experts are available.

Learn more about our YOW! Depthfirst Workshops here.

Workshops are conducted in a small group format allowing lots of opportunity to interact with the presenter.

If you have specific training needs please contact us and we can discuss training options with you: Contact us here.


Do you provide tailored sponsorship? And do you provide team ticket discounts?

Yes absolutely! We will work with you and your specific requirements to tailor a sponsorship package that will fit your need.
Ticket ticket discounts are available from any team larger than 5 members. Get in touch with us for more information!



What is YOW! about?

The aim of YOW! is to bring together internationally recognized speakers and developers to encourage excellence and innovation in the Australian development community. We cover the emerging technologies and best practices in the software industry – regardless of technological platform or language – without commercial hype.


What’s with the name YOW! ?

YOW! first started in Denmark under the name JAOO (Java and Object Orientation), but has since expanded to other parts of the world. It was first called JAOO in Australia too. Locally the Danish JAOO was not said as one word, instead it was pronounced as its initials – J-A-O-O.

To simplify things and make it more generic, a decision was made to change the name to YOW in Australia, a fun word that sounds like the Danish JAOO.


How did YOW! start?

Dave Thomas is an international adjunct professor at QUT in Brisbane. During one of his visits to Brisbane in 2007 developers were complaining about the difficulty they had gaining access to top speakers.

As Dave was on the planning committee of JAOO, he called Denmark from the pub and after some discussion it was agreed that he would run a similar event in Australia.

The first event was held in 2008. Since then over 6,000 developers have attended YOW! events.



YOW! Nights

These nights are usually held in multiple cities throughout the year and focus on one area of interest. Developers pay a nominal fee to attend and there is usually free flowing chat, beer and pizza – all the ingredients for a rewarding night out!

YOW! Conference

Each year in December, YOW! brings out 35+ international experts for 2 day conferences in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. These conferences are run by developers for developers and are technical presentations on the latest developments in the coding world.

Attendees get 39 hours of technical content with 3 concurrent tracks over the 2 days.

YOW! DepthFirst Workshops

These hands-on workshops are held throughout the year as well as in December alongside our December signature conference. These 1 or 2 day workshops offer a chance to participate in detailed technical training from selected international experts.

YOW! Lambda Jam

This conference for applied functional programmers was held for the first time in Brisbane in May 2013. This conference is an opportunity for the Australian functional programming community to get together to share experiences and practices through a series of intermediate and advanced talks, workshops and jams.



YOW! was established in 2008 by Dave Thomas, visionary thinker and software expert. Dave is best known as the founder and past CEO of OTI (until it was bought out by IBM). He now runs Bedarra Research Labs (BRL) which specializes in emerging software technologies and practices and is based in Canada.

Dave’s mission with YOW! is to build the next generation of IT leaders and encourage excellence and innovation amongst the Australian development community.

YOW! is organized by Dave Thomas and Craig Smith assisted by a team of staff and volunteers.

You can read more about YOW! on our About Us page.

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