If you’re trying to figure out how you can talk your boss into sending you to YOW!, we’ve assembled a few handy “talking” points to suit your situation.

Align Business Goals with YOW! Conference Program

The best way to get approval to attend a YOW! Conference is to align your business goals with the conference program. Is your company struggling with getting better outcomes from development projects? The Collaborating Better with Story Maps talk by Jeff Patton, a highly regarded Agile community member, can show you exactly how story mapping and Agile stories help teams work better together.

Or perhaps your firm has been tinkering with Microservices but isn’t sure of how to get the implementation right? Several of our speakers will be talking about their experiences with Microservices, including tips for getting it right and problems to avoid.

Focus on the benefits for the Company

There are many benefits for participants to attend (see our 9 Reasons to Attend for a summary) but the key benefits for your company are:

  • You’ll bring enthusiasm and inspiration back to the office – one of the reasons YOW! now runs an annual conference in Sydney is because Suncorp, our Platinum sponsor, wanted their Sydney team to enjoy the same YOW! experience that their employees in Brisbane and Melbourne had been receiving.
  • No need to pay to send employees overseas to learn from international thought leaders – before YOW! started in Australia in 2008, normally this calibre of speakers could only be experienced by getting on a plane and travelling to an international conference, an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Now our signature YOW! Conference takes place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and we have other specialist conferences on during the year.
  • Keep up with the best – top tech companies like Suncorp, Commonwealth Bank, Optiver, REA Group and many others send their staff to YOW! events to make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends and innovations.
  • All Content, No Filler – YOW! pick speakers that provide excellent, technically rich content, not marketing fluff so employers get better return on their investment compared to other vendor sponsored events.

Does Your Company have a formal training policy?

Attendance at YOW! Conference and Workshops is a great way to meet your training allowance for the year for some hands-on training with Conference speakers.

How to overcome objections from your boss

Is time away from your desk likely to be a problem?

Are you working on a major project that is going to be wrapping up around the same time as the event? Perhaps you can offer to work extra evenings or weekends to make up the time. Or perhaps you can work out a solution with colleagues to cover you while you’re away. The things that you will learn during the event will be immediately beneficial now and into the future. Good software craftsman need to invest time to keep their skills current.

How will you share your YOW! experience?

Offer to put together a slide presentation or report explaining how what you learnt can be implemented at your company.

Are Budget Constraints the Main Problem?

Perhaps you can find funding outside of your department or business unit. In some large organisations, a special corporate budget exists to provide for promotions and marketing, and by becoming a sponsor at the event you can attend and gain exposure for your company. Our sponsorship packages come with tickets included. We also offer deals for 5+ tickets so the whole team can attend.

You could offer to split the cost in the first year. If you come back to the office full of new ideas and inspiration then you’ll have a much stronger case next year for full company funding.

If you’re working on a major project that requires new skills and knowledge then attendance at an event may be able to be incorporated into the capital expenditure budget for the project.

Do you have a specific development challenge that you need to address?

If your organisation’s preference is to bring experts in, we can help you as well!  From a network of over 400 international authors and experts, YOW! Australia can bring to you the best field experts in the world. Contact us for more information.

Focus on the unique content provided by YOW!

Each year YOW! brings together 50+ national and international experts for different events throughout the year.  The speakers and topics covered vary each year and if there are specific speakers that appeal then highlight the unique opportunity this event provides to hear them speak.