Tips for Writing Your Proposal 

Allocating enough time to think about your presentation is the first step. You don’t need to flesh out everything you want to say but instead rough out your key topics and why they are important to your area of interest. The best proposals are usually based on your own experience.

Ensure you answer the following questions:

  • What problem did you solve? Or what have you learnt about the problem you’ve been working on that has helped you move closer to a solution?
  • Who is going to be most interested in hearing about your learnings? Is it a select group or is it likely to be all conference attendees?
  • Why is your talk of interest to your audience? This is your opportunity to provide context around your problem and solution/learnings.

Make sure you:

  • Come up with an appealing title that conveys what the session will be about and why it is of benefit.
  • Be specific but no need to include every point you propose making in your presentation.
  • Keep your proposal to the point.
  • Checkout these helpful tips and resources.

Brainstorming ideas

  • Mind map your idea – write your topic in the centre of a page and then all of the key aspects out from there
  • Write down 5 topics you could discuss and then pitch each one to a few colleagues and get their feedback on what they think will work best
  • Think back to when you’ve talked about your work with other developers and what they’ve been most interested in – is there a case study in covering that topic?  What did you do differently to others?